About Us

Webster County Emergency Management
773 US Hwy 41-A South
PO Box 307
Dixon, KY 42409
Office: 270-639-8000
Internet Phone: 270-326-8650  
Fax: 270-639-8001 or 1-855-811-6096

EMA Staff

Director: Jeremy Moore
Deputy Director: Jeff Yates
Deputy Director: Rocky Williams
Public Information Officer: Eric Elder
Search & Rescue Chief: Mike Ashcraft
CERT Team Leader: Leslie Thompson
Spotter Chief:  Rob Hensley

Our mission is to minimize the effects of future disasters through mitigation, planning, and training. This is accomplished through the coordination of response agencies during a disaster and/or recovery event, and through public education and awareness for disaster preparedness.



Webster County Emergency Management is the agency of county government with primary responsibility and authority for the planning and execution of all disaster preparedness, response, and recovery operations.  Emergency Management is also responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the County Emergency Operations Plan, which can be viewed at the local EMA Office.

Educational Programs

Educational programs on Community Emergency Response Team, Earthquake Preparedness, Severe Weather Preparedness, and Flooding Preparedness are available upon request by calling the Emergency Management office at 270-639-8000

Hazard Mitigation

Hazard mitigation is another aspect of Webster County's emergency management program. Webster County is 1 of 7 counties that participate within the Green River Area Development District (GRADD) to formulate a "Regional Hazardous Mitigation Plan."